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Lose weight fast!! Weight loss & Health tips


Weightloss_crop150Did I get your attention?! I think I did…Weight loss tips, it sells books, TV slots, movies, electronic devices and anything that says “How to lose weight fast!” Sorry for the downer, but the only way to lose weight is to watch what you eat and the good old fashion cardio. But there are some tricks of the trade and Ill tell you what I know!

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The Difference between Weight Loss and Fat Loss and Why You Should Care

What is really the difference between weight loss, fat loss and muscle loss and should you really care? Does the scale lie or is there a relationship between weight and fat loss?

The answer is straightforward and this is what we are discussing below.

Weight loss – Water Weight – Fat loss – Muscle loss

The percentage of total overweight and even obese people is rising at alarming levels (Around 33% of Adults are Obese and 17% of Children). People are looking for more ways then ever to lose weight and that is fine, but what is not fine is some of the methods people are using to achieve weight loss and how it truly affects their body.

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7 Healthy Weight Loss Tips

Here are 7 healthy weight loss tips to help you lose weight in a healthy way:

  1. The decision to lose weight should be one that belongs entirely to you. If you are determined to lose weight this year you have to do 100% changes in your lifestyle and in your diet. If you took this decision just to please someone, you destroyed any chances of success. Never think that if your girlfriend lost weight with a specific diet you will lose weight the same way. No! When you are ready to make these changes, focus on your eating habits and weigh them to find a solution right for your body.


  1. Do not blame yourself if you are not perfect! If the first attempt to lose weight was a total failure, do not think that you are not able to follow a diet. Don’t give up the idea of losing weight. Accept that you made a wrong choice and do not let a single “lost battle” destroy your will to lose weight. The same “recipe” can be applied for your workout routine: if you postpone your daily scheduled exercises or simply you were lazy to do them, it does not mean that you lost perspective. Losing weight does not involve perfect decisions every time, but rather constant attempts. You have adopt the right solutions and avoid the inappropriate ones as much as possible at each step of the way.

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70 Tip To Loss Weight

1. Set reasonable weight loss goals to make sure you monitor your progress.
2. Always stop eating while you’re still a little hungry to make sure you don’t stuff yourself.
3. Learn to tell physical hunger from emotional hunger to help you eat only when you’re really hungry.
4. Avoid sugary drinks and sodas as these are full of empty calories.
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