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Airplane yoga: 17 exercises for healthy flying

plane yogaWelcome to plane yoga. Breathe deeply now.You can practice yoga anywhere, including when traveling on an aircraft.
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Yoga Poses to Strengthen Back

Cobra Pose

There are several yoga poses to strengthen back muscles that are sore or simply in need of some training. If your weak back is causing pain, be sure to practice yoga poses slowly, and focus first on the stretching and loosening poses. Otherwise, spend more time on the strengthening poses, but always start and finish with a good stretch and relaxation.

Yoga Poses to Strengthen Back Muslces

It is very common to have back pain as a result of weakened back muscles. Most pain can be alleviated by strengthening, stretching, and aligning the muscles of the back. While all yoga poses can result in increased muscle tone in your back, focusing on some of the poses listed below can help achieve faster results when it comes to a strong back.

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