Lose weight fast!! Weight loss & Health tips


Weightloss_crop150Did I get your attention?! I think I did…Weight loss tips, it sells books, TV slots, movies, electronic devices and anything that says “How to lose weight fast!” Sorry for the downer, but the only way to lose weight is to watch what you eat and the good old fashion cardio. But there are some tricks of the trade and Ill tell you what I know!

This week is lose weight week! It will be about the ways I stay thin, healthy and when necessary shed the extra pounds off!

More than half the time you feel hungry, your body is most likely dehydrated. Check out how much water you should drink per day. This will also help promote weight loss with less urge to stuff yourself with junk food.


Please review the other blogs! They are very short and keep to the point. Once you catch up on the 3 blogs above, work on this:

  • Morning tips
  1. Drink 8oz of water immediately upon rising.
  2. Then do the apple cider vinegar regimen,
  3. Have a huge breakfast and keep to the food chart!!!

I love breakfast for this reason! Ear muffs to my vegetarian readers. Make steak and some dippy eggs in the morning with lightly steamed green beans. Oh my, talk about some unforgettable energy! Ear muffs off, or make a smoothie, with frozen fruits and maybe some acai power with gogi berries! Don’t forget try to avoid adding acid fruits and sweet fruits together. 



Did you know most people who are over weight eat a small breakfasts or none at all! Read this blog from the American Diabetes Association:People who have lost the weight before makes sure not to skip breakfast. This helps maintain the weight loss and supply proper fuel for throughout the day.

Also read this CNN report about the study they did on eating a big breakfast and the weight you will shred off. 

So I think Ive covered the morning routine. Read my other blog on morning routines

Losing weight shouldn’t feel like a chore. You can still eat what you want, just eat it at a different time. Set a goal and track your progress. Goal reaching got me where I am today. Don’t give up, I didn’t!!!

This is a picture of me treating girl to a new baithing suit. she set a goal and she  made it happen!



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