Today we’re going to make Leave-In Conditioner! This is a fun one!

We all know that there is a lot of pressure to look a certain way and to look a certain way it usually means buying certain things. Those things usually consist of clothes, make-up, and hair stuff. All this STUFF costs money and it adds up QUICK. Very quick.

I’m gonna help you cut another cost. Never again will you have to buy leave-in conditioner or detangler because you’ll be able to make your own! This is a simple and easy recipe and you can use what you already own to make it.

1. Is your hair all tangled and dried up? Mine too! Let’s get started!

2. Get yourself a spray bottle. If you have your old store bought leave-in conditioner bottle (with a pump) use that one or pull a spray bottle out of the recycling bin (be sure to wash it out good). Next, grab your conditioner. Yep, just your normal conditioner out of your shower.

3. Off come the tops!

4. In goes your normal conditioner into the empty spray bottle. You’ll want to put approximately 2 TBSP of conditioner into the spray bottle. Then, fill up the spray bottle with water leaving about 1/4 inch of air at the top.

5. Shake it all up and spritz just like you would with the name brand stuff.

It’s just about free and it works like a charm!


P.S. Spray it just at the ends of your hair so you don’t end up with a grease ball head.


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