8 Methods For Long-Term Weight Loss

Long Term Weight Loss Tips

Losing weight often seems to be the ultimate goal of any diet or fitness routine, but this is just part of the picture. Once you achieve this goal you need to be able to maintain it. You need to keep your new weight and continue to enjoy it for years. This is often harder than it was to actually lose the weight in the first place.

If you’re just now beginning to lose weight and you want to keep it off for a long time, the following tips will come in handy:

1. Choose The Right Diet Plan

It’s very seductive to choose a fast diet. We all want to be thin as soon as possible. However, the fast diets are often those which provide a weight loss which is hard to sustain due to the very low calorie menus these diets usually offer.

Let’s take the GM diet plan, for instance: there’s no doubt that the diet works in the sense that you can lose a lot of weight with it. Some people say that they lose up to 10 lbs in a single week!

However, this diet – and others like it –  is so low in calories that there’s a risk that once you go back to eating normally you may see your weight increase right back. It is often better to choose a more gradual diet plan, one which will let you ease back into a normal eating routine.

2. Practice Meal Planning

Often, people gain weight because they end up eating things they shouldn’t. They begin thinking about their meals just before they eat them. Planning your meals in advance will prevent this and give you greater control over your food. As nutrition is the most important factor in long term weight loss, this can make it much easier to maintain your weight loss for years to come.

3. Keep a Food Journal

Planning your meals comes before you have them, but you also want to keep tabs about what you actually eat. For that, a food journal is the best tool. In it you write everything that you’ve eaten, when you did so and other useful details like your frame of mind, whether you felt a serious craving, etc.

Going over a food journal gives you perspective about what you’ve eaten and allows you to learn from your mistakes and improve your diet.

4. Get a Good Morning Routine

The way you start your day will reflect on the rest of it. This is why having a healthy morning routine is crucial. I recommend getting a lot of water first thing in the morning, taking a few moments to relax and plan your day, get a short workout done early, and then either eat a good and solid breakfast or do without one (if you find that it makes you hungry a few hours afterward). Don’t eat junk for breakfast. Either it’s a healthy one or none at all.

5. Schedule Your Workouts In Advance

To keep your weight down far into the future you need to be sure that you exercise regularly. I recommend making a fitness schedule in which you write down the time, nature, and place of your workouts for the next week or two. This will reduce the chance of you missing out on your workouts due to unexpected surprises or lack of time.

6. Weigh and Measure Yourself Regularly

In case you do start gaining weight again, you need to catch it early to be able to take swift action. I recommend weighing yourself and measuring yourself with a tape on a bi-weekly basis.

7. Have an Indulgence Schedule

In case you plan on “breaking the rules” on occasion and eat something which is fattening or rich in sugar, you need to make it apart of your eating routine, a part of the Plan. For instance, you may decide that one evening per week is free for indulgence and not more. The main thing is to have control over this.

8. Deal With Social Pressure

If your friends or family are part of the reason why your former eating habits were poor, you need to make sure that they don’t influence you badly again. So, speak with your loved ones and explain the change that you’ve created for yourself. Be ready to say No if your friends want to go to a junk food restaurant or to a bar and drink too much alcohol. You will need to learn to resist.
If you follow these 8 tips you should find it much easier to lose weight and to continue enjoying your new body for many years to come.


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