70 Tip To Loss Weight

1. Set reasonable weight loss goals to make sure you monitor your progress.
2. Always stop eating while you’re still a little hungry to make sure you don’t stuff yourself.
3. Learn to tell physical hunger from emotional hunger to help you eat only when you’re really hungry.
4. Avoid sugary drinks and sodas as these are full of empty calories.

5. Learn to say no to desserts, birthday cakes, and other sweets which people offer you at work, events, and so on.

6. Take up walking. This is an excellent cardio workout that’s right for beginners and can help you quickly get into a workout routine.

7. Don’t eat too much after a workout. There’s no use stuffing yourself full of calories after you’ve just burned some. You are likely to undo all the good work you did in your workout.

8. Don’t weigh yourself more than once a week. Weighing yourself too often can lead to frustration.

9. Don’t compare yourself to other people. Some people lose weight faster than others. Your only competition is with yourself.

10. Don’t forget to eat breakfast. Eating breakfast helps to get your metabolism up and sets the ton

11. Cut down on your alcohol comsumption. Alcohol is rich in calories, sugar, and actually disrupts the fat burning process.

12. Do 10 minutes of mild workout or stretches in the morning before you go to work or school.

13. Do 3 strength workouts each week. You can do more if you have the time, but 3 is a bare minimum.

14. Change your workout routine every 4-6 weeks to challenge your body in different ways.

15. Don’t use strength machines. Free weights are much better. Another good option is to do bodyweight workouts.

16. Use positive affirmations to imagine your ultimate body and how you’d like to feel after you lose weight, this will help you remain motivated.

17. Don’t sit down for long hours. Cut down your sitting time by 10% at the very least. You
will feel better and burn more calories during your day.

18. Take the stairs instead of the elevator any chance you can. It’s a great way to add some activity to your day.

19. Avoid doing workouts for your trouble spots more than for your other body. You can’t burn fat from a specific body part by exercising alone so why bother?

20. When you drink tea or coffee, make sure to use less sugar. I prefer sweetening tea with honey.

21. Drink enough water – 8-12 glasses a day is what an adult requires. Make sure to drink often.

22. Eat dark chocolate – This will help you satisfy your sweet tooth and is actually quite healthy for you.

23. Eat a lot of fruit during the day as snacks.

24. Eat 5 vegetables each day during your meals and in between.

25. Don’t starve yourself as this can have a bad effect on your metabolism.

26. Sign up to a gym to help you do better and more effective workouts.

27. Make sure to really workout at the gym and not spend your time socializing.

28. Get a diet and fitness plan to help you get results quickly at a much cheaper price than a personal trainer.

29. Don’t use celebrity diets. They may not work without the personal trainers and dieticians these celebrities have at their disposal.

30. Workout with a buddy to help you remain focused and make sure you’re accountable to someone.

31. Don’t eat in front of the TV. This is mindless eating and you will never be aware of how much you really eat.

32. Check your portion sizes and think: “do I really need to eat all that? ”

33. Don’t eat when you’re stressed out or bored. It can lead to overeating.

34. Don’t go to fast food restaurants. The food they serve is usually fat and salty which isn’t good for you.

35. Sleep 7 hours each night at the very least. Lack of sleep can damage your weight loss process.

36. Eat healthy fats like those found in coconut oil, olive oil, and avocado.

37. Avoid trans-fat as much as possible.

38. Don’t forget to congratulate yourself on each mini-goal you achieve.

39. Have a cheating day once in a while in which you can eat the “bad” things you usually avoid. This has a lot of psychological benefits.

40. Don’t forget to do strength workouts. These help to build muscle mass and boost metabolism.

41. Eat berries as they’re low in calories and rich in antioxidants.

42. Don’t let other people discourage you. Avoid negative minded people to remain positive.

43. Set the times of your workouts in your diary to make sure you do them.

44. Buy adjustable dumbbells for your home to enable you to do diverse home strength workouts.

45. Eat fish for protein and the healthy oil that comes with it. Tuna, Salmon, and Mackerel are some excellent choices.

46. Don’t eat beef unless it’s grass fed to avoid eating meat which is stuffed with chemicals.

47. Try to eat organic food as much as possible. Organic food is low on pesticides and other nasty elements.

48. Workout with a music player full of lively workout songs to help you train better.

49. Don’t do too many stomach exercises. These won’t get you flat abs and aren’t really effective as fat burners.

50. Try to find your metabolism type to help you create an eating plan which is right for you.

51. Don’t go on very low calorie diets or fad diets that deprive you of certain foods or macronutrients. No fat, no carb, and no protein diets are not the best choice for long term weight loss.

52. If you’re a teen, don’t try to go on a diet until you’ve talked with a youth dietician.

53. Enlist the support of your family and friends.

54. Clear your kitchen of all tempting foods which you know you overeat on.

55. Eat home cooked meals. You have more control over the food you make yourself.

56. Take an aerobic or kickboxing class as these are fun way to burn more fat.

57. Do circuit training to burn more calories during your workouts.

58. Don’t go the gym dead tired, sick, with a cold, or after you’ve not eaten for more than 4 hours.

59. Eat some protein and carbs within an hour of your workout.

60. Always do a warm-up before you begin working out.

61. Don’t go on a diet while pregnant or breastfeeding.

62. Do a cooldown and stretches after each workout.

63. Eat fresh food, not processed or pre-made dishes.

64. Be active every day, whether it’s walking, playing ball, going to the gym, swimming, whatever.

65. High intensity interval training is the best way to do cardio to lose weight.

66. Beware of extreme diets. It is much better to lose weight in a way which is sustainable in the long run.

67. Have a food journal in which you write down everything you eat. This helps you be aware of your eating habits and, if need be, makes it easier to improve them.

68. Don’t wait until tomorrow. There’s no point in delaying. Start your diet and fitness plan right now.

69. Exercise the Hara Hachi Bu principle and never eat until you’re totally full. Always eat until you’re about 80% full.

70. Seek activity at all times. Climb stairs, walk as much as you can, get up from your chair often. The more you move, the more you burn


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